Renovation Project in Beyoglu/Istanbul

Year: 2016

Construction area: 210 sqm

Details: The building is located in Beyoglu, an old neighbourhood of Istanbul. The research of the history of this area and specificaly the building gave away a plenty of data about the original facade. The texture, colour and historic ornamentation of the facade such as an elegantly detailed iron entrance door or limestone frames and cordons on the flat levels which were all destroyed in time and lost its architectural identity by the poor additions made by previous occupants. The goal of the project was to peel back to its original state. Selecting the alien elements and stripping a century of alterations off, we could regain originality with a strict budget and schedule. The interiors looked too confined to be an open living space, but rather than trying to unite all three flats to one unit, we carefully transformed it to three small modern urban flats. The idea of the interior design was, opening up the space for an open living style without changing any original walls and designing a refreshing layout which could make possible a spacious way of living for a couple. We created brand new kitchen areas, bathroom and a separate dayhead without demolishing any walls for plumbing. All the materials used were selected to be natural, minimal and with an modern style that respected the building’s and neighborhood’s identity.